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Associate Professor of Landscape Ecology at the Department of Environmental Biology, University of Rome “La Sapienza” where he graduated in Geology in 1992. In 1997 he received his Ph.D. in Botanical Sciences from the same university with a specialization in remote sensing and geographical information systems.

His research interests span a wide range of topics in community ecology and geoecology (including invasion and urban ecology, multivariate analysis and biodiversity, spatial statistics, macroecology, historical geography, landscape and satellite ecology) with strong bias towards quantitative and methodological issues.


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Recent papers

Bajocco S., Ceccarelli T., Smiraglia D., Salvati L., Ricotta C., 2016, Modeling the ecological niche of long-term land use changes: The role of biophysical factors, Ecological Indicators 60: 231-236.

Bacaro G., Altobelli A., Cameletti M., Ciccarelli D., Martellos S., Palmer M.W., Ricotta C., Rocchini D., Scheiner S.M., Tordoni E., Chiarucci A., 2016, Incorporating spatial autocorrelation in rarefaction methods: Implications for ecologists and conservation biologists, Ecological Indicators 69: 233-238.

Lososova Z., Chytry M., Tichy L., Danihelka J., Ricotta C., 2016, Biotic homogenization of urban floras by alien species: the role of species turnover and richness difference, Journal of Vegetation Science 27: 452-459. See also the commentary by Hahs A.K. & McDonnell M.J., 2016, Moving beyond biotic homogenization: searching for new insights into vegetation dynamics, Journal of Vegetation Science 27: 439-440.

Ricotta C., Podani J., Pavoine S., 2016, A family of functional dissimilarity measures for presence and absence data, Ecology and Evolution 6: 5383-5389.

Pavoine S., Marcon E., Ricotta C., 2016, ‘Equivalent numbers’ for species, phylogenetic or functional diversity in a nested hierarchy of multiple scales, Methods in Ecology and Evolution 7: 1152-1163.

Ricotta C., de Bello F., Moretti M., Caccianiga M., Cerabolini B., Pavoine S., 2016, Measuring the functional redundancy of biological communities: a quantitative guide, Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 7: 1386-1395.

Rocchini D., Marcantonio M., Ricotta C., 2017, Measuring Rao’s Q diversity index from remote sensing: An open source solution, Ecological Indicators 72: 234-238.

Rocchini D., Garzon-Lopez C.X., Marcantonio M., Amici V., Bacaro G., Bastin L., Brummitt N.,  Chiarucci A., Foody G.M., Hauffe H.C., He K.S., Ricotta C., Rizzoli A., Rosà R., 2017, Anticipating species distributions: Handling sampling effort bias under a Bayesian framework, Science of the Total Environment 584-585: 282–290.

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