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telefono(i): 22279

I am a palynologist, whose main interest is reconstructing the history of vegetation and climate in Europe during the Quaternary, in co-operation with geologists, palaeontologists, archaeologists and geneticists. My main research interests are:

a) vegetation dynamics in Europe in relation to Quaternary climate oscillations through pollen analysis;

b) timing and modes of Quaternary migration, turnover and extinctions of tree populations, also in relation to the dynamics of mammal communities;

c) deciphering the influence of human activity on the natural environment, with special attention to the Mediterranean regions;

d) combining fossil and genetic data to investigate past plant population dynamics and evolution, through the comparison of the palaeobiogeographical distribution and modern phylogeographical structure of tree populations at time scales of 103-106 years.


  • Laboratory of Archaeometry (MSc in Sciences and Technology  for the conservation of Cultural Heritage, Sapienza Università di Roma, and Erasmus Mundus ARCHMAT); course in English
  • Paleobotanica e Palinologia (MSc in Scienze della Natura, Sapienza Università di Roma)
  • Botanica Sistematica, (BSc in Scienze Naturali, Sapienza Università di Roma)


curriculum: italiano english